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About Us

IEM is an engineering oriented company located in Wheeling Illinois. We have been producing bench top test equipment for the coil winding industry since 1976. Our staff includes engineers with backgrounds in magnetic field modeling and process control engineering. We have focused on development equipment with easily used features and reliable design. Interaction with our customers has allowed us to refine ideas for product improvement and has led to a series of innovations in its product offering.

Our History

The growth of the IEM line of coil test equipment has been a natural progression. Each new product has been an extension of technology used in previous designs. Our traditional product line consists of turns counters for both bobbin and toroidal coils, shorted turns testers for bobbin coils and transformer ratiometers. By applying a modular approach to circuit designs, work done in one system can be used in other products as well. This has allowed the construction of integrated test systems that provide complete testing capability at one station.

As we have developed our product line, we have tried to focus on the needs of our customers. Custom design capabilities, and a familiarity with magnetic materials and design principles, have allowed us to develop products that are both easy to use and effective production tools. Our strategy has been to offer equipment that can be used by production personnel without extensive technical training. This has resulted in a series of single purpose, bench top testers that provide accuracy and reliability.