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High Voltage System (HV-2) Product Features

  • Tests Power Transformers for Continuity, Ratio and Phase. Applied and Induced Potential and No-load Losses.
  • 14 Conductor Switching Matrix will test 7 individual windings, 13 taps of one common winding or some combination thereof. (10 Amp current limit)

The System Control is Windows/Visual Basic based. Menu screens allow full selection of test parameters and sequence. Low voltage tests can be performed first, allowing defective parts to be rejected without proceeding to time consuming induced Potential dwell routines. Test data labeling and data acquisition software can be easily added to the system.

  • The test system consists of the following hardware:
  • PC Controlled with I/O 488 interface and parallek I/O card
  • Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse (external to Rack)
  • Associated Research  5 KVAC HiPot Tester
  • Agilent 34401 Multi-meter
  • 2 each 1kW Power Amplifiers
  • 14 Conductor Switching Matrix
  • Ratiometer/Polarity circuits
  • 20 Hz-65 KHz Signal Generator
  • 19" Rack Mount Cabinet

By using a modular construction, the HV-2 can be adapted to a variety of testing requirements. The IEEE 488 bus, allows additional components to be readily added to the system. The Switching Matrix, the core of the power system, is designed to be reliable and easily maintained. All parts are guaranteed by iem for a period of one year.