International Electro-Magnetics



At IEM, we are committed to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction. We have been making coil test instruments since 1976, and developed a strong staff with experience in magnetic field modeling and process control engineering. Our products are robust, rugged, and reliable. Ease of use and effective, interactive design are engineered into each product from its inception. We listen carefully to our customers and respond with innovations that constantly improve the value of our products. Our customers are loyal and satisfied. Please browse our web site, evaluate the information presented, and download any specifications you might need for your product development and testing efforts.


Here are links to Pdfs of our standard product data sheets:


Polarity Tester for Bobbin Coils (PT-1)

Shorted Turns Tester for Bobbin Wound Coils (STT-4)

Toroidal Turns Analyzer (Model 1000)

Turns Counter for Bobbin Coils (TC-5)

Impulse Winding Tester (IWT 5000)

Turns Counter for Larger Windings (TC-6)


Additional links to informational documentation:


Coil Testing in a Manufacturing Environment

Counting Turns of Air and Bobble-Wound Coils